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Featured Author: Judah Knight

Judah Knight was born in Tennessee and grew up in a home that provided love, support, and opportunities. He enjoyed an early life of diversity that included athletics, music, and active church attendance. Judah received his formal education at various places including the University of Georgia and Southwestern. Though his educational pursuits eventually earned him a doctorate degree, he has found that learning and personal growth will be a lifetime pursuit. Judah is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys scuba diving, boating, and camping. He is married with six children and finds his greatest joy with his wife and children. The Long Way Home is written in part, as a reaction to modern-day action and romance novels that are filled with vulgarity and explicit sex. He feels that people can enjoy a good story and engage their imaginations without language and circumstances that some deem offensive. You can read an interview with Judah on his publisher's website.