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The Long Way Home by Judah Knight

The Long Way Home

by Judah Knight

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-  Excerpt fromThe Long Way Home

The Long Way Home expresses Judah's passion for scuba diving, the excitement of treasure hunting, and the opportunity to overcome life's challenges brought on by sorrow and unfulfilled dreams.  This book introduces The Davenport Series where adventure and danger await and where relationships grow into love and passion. While Judah's writing is enjoyed by adults, he calls it "Flinch-free Fiction" and insures it will be safe for the whole family.

Meet Author Judah Knight

     The Southampton reef was long and offered numerous fingers branching off from the main line. The color engulfed her as Meg followed Jon into the labyrinth of stone-like structures that were as vibrant as a rainbow and full of life. She recognized the pillar and staghorn coral and was thrilled to see so many cherubfish...She noted that everything was darker in the deeper water and the colors not as brilliant. The wall, however, was awesome. They saw larger fish than those residing in the shallower waters and found three caves. Jon was hesitant to lead Meg into the caves, but they swam through several tunnels where the other side was obvious and the passageway was large. The two were so engrossed in their underwater experience that they didn’t look up to see the bottom of a boat approaching their own yacht.