Lacy Henderson and Kerrick Daniels are no longer summer interns at a boys’ program in the Bahamas because the summer is over. Their relationship, however, is far from over. Lacy dis-covered that the gift her aunt gave her, a golden medallion, had a secret message that was part of a clue for hidden, Viking treas-ure. She put all of the pieces of the crazy summer together and is convinced that she knows the whereabouts of King Harold Bluetooth’s treasure trove. All she needs to do is get back to the Bahamas, team up with Kerrick and her aunt and uncle, and make one more dive around Coral Cay, the island of the skull. The only problem is that she’s not the only one in search of the treasure.

Join Jon and Meg Davenport, Lacy, and Kerrick as they reunite for a treasure hunting adventure that takes them from the Baha-mas on an exotic vacation that promises them more than a relax-ing time away. Love Waitsis the fifth book of the continuing story of scuba diving, treasure hunting, love, and danger. No one ever told Lacy that loving someone was so painful.


​       The Dream of a Lifetime...          

                                   ...or a Nightmare in Disguise!

"Flinch-free Romance and Adventure for Adults, but Safe for the Whole Family"

Jon Davenport and Meg Freeman were once childhood friends and have a chance encounter in the Bahamas later in life. Meg's husband was killed a few years earlier in Afghanistan while serving in the military, and Jon's wife had died from cancer. What started out as a simple lift home turned into a wild adventure that currently spans five books in this exciting action and adventure series of romance, suspense, travel, and intrigue. 

Author Judah Knight was once asked in an interview about the motivation of his wholesome adult romance/suspense novels: "I had the idea to write a story that would, in part, show a secular audience that you do not need vulgarity to carry themes of action and romance. I also thought it would be refreshing to have a story that modeled good character and right choices. We live in a day where that is in short supply."

You can find all five books of the  Davenport series on Amazon. Visit the "Book Titles" tab to learn about all of Judah's books.

Judah Knight's Davenport Series