Book 5 of the Davenport Series

Coming August 1, 2018

The Long Way Home expresses Judah's passion for scuba diving, the excitement of treasure hunting, and the opportunity to overcome life's challenges brought on by sorrow and unfulfilled dreams.  This book introduces The Davenport Series where adventure and danger await and where relationships grow into love and passion. While Judah's writing is enjoyed by adults, he calls it "Flinch-free Fiction" and insures it will be safe for the whole family.

Meet Author Judah Knight


Ready to Love Again - by Judah Knight

She had given up on love until...
Jon and Meg Davenport invited their niece, Lacy Henderson, to join their salvage operation in the Bahamas as a summer intern. While their work focused on hunting for sunken treasure, the real task was to shape the lives of five inner-city boys who were invited to spend the summer on the Davenports’ salvage ship. Reeling from past anger and rejection, Lacy begins to warm to the advances of another summer intern, Kerrick Daniels, but love doesn’t come easy to an embittered heart.

 An undersea accident nearly ended in tragedy, but Kerrick and Lacy struggle to find love in the midst of chaos. While searching for sunken treasure in the Bahamas, Lacy becomes a target of something far more threatening than the normal underwater challenges of treasure seekers. Join the Davenports, Lacy, Kerrick and the whole crew in the continuing undersea adventure where love is challenged and hope sometimes seems like an impossible dream.